Have you ever wanted to have one place to look for all the events happening in Shasta County.  Well now you can!  Shasta365.com has an events calendar that is not only beautiful but able added to by the community.

Walter Albert, a local resident of Shasta County for the past 30 years and a Technology and Small Business Expert, started this site because we was sick of finding out about events after the fact.  He has a vision to make Shasta365.com a local social platform to “Connect People with Local Businesses & Events” as the tagline and mission says.

Walter has bigger plans with the Shasta365.com website. As the mission implies.  He wants this to be a local local social platform to help local business.   He hopes to make this site a place where it’s users will connect both online and in person to bridge the gap of between the two. He has several ideas on how to do that but for now he is keeping them to himself.

Go check out what is happening in Shasta County and use, submit events and share Shasta365’s event calendar.